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Alexx, mighty hunter
Bar Harbor
Last night I was visiting cvirtue and family, when I got a call from kestrell. "Something is flying around my room and occasionally dive-bombing my head. I am Not Happy about it." Only one housemate (M) was home, and when she took a look, naturally the beastie was nowhere to be seen. So I came home as fast as I could manage.

Kes was, as I had guessed, hiding out in my room with her laptop. I then took up vigil in her room, to see if I could spot the intruder. No sign of it for several hours. Eventually, we returned to our individual rooms, and attempted to sleep (albeit Kes was hiding her head under the sheets).

Around 11:20, I heard what could have been flapping noises from Kestrell's room, and got up to look. Sure enough, in the dim LED glow of her electronics, I could see a shadow flitting back and forth through the air. I turned on some lights, and it flew out into the hall, more or less straight at me! From the quick glimpses I got, I thought it might have been a sparrow. Then it went back into Kes's room.

I hurriedly searched my own room for something which could serve as an impromptu net. A pair of summer shorts seemed to be appropriate, having the right mix of weight and give. I opened the door at the bottom of the stairs, and waited, shorts at the ready. Soon enough, the winged intruder made another pass into the hallway, and I nailed it with my shorts, which dragged it to the foot of the stairs, somewhat stunned. It got up and flew out the door before I got down there, but I could see that it was, in fact, a bat, not a bird.

I quickly went down the stairs myself, and closed the door to them, so the bat couldn't get back to Kes's room, then reconnoitered. The bat was flying in circles around the guest room -- perfect! I went in there with it, closed the door, and opened up a large window. I spent about fifteen minutes trying to shoo the bat out the window. It didn't seem to be aware of the window, but was just frantically circling the room.

I eventually noticed that if I left it alone for a while, its circling gradually got lower (I expect it must have been tiring), which at least brought it down to the level of the window opening. Several times it actually stopped and perched *on* the window (or the curtains). Each time, I would approach and try and shoo it out, but then it would just start circling again. Eventually, though, on one of its slow, low passes, it seemed to become aware of the opening and finally made it out.

I shut the window pronto and returned upstairs, to my grateful wife :-)

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Excellent job!

Towels work well also. When I had to catch bats in that house, I was advised to throw a towel over it, then when the bat was inside the towel, to throw the bundle out an upstairs window. Bat and towel would separate it mid-air, and towel could be retrieved from the ground.

(Which reminds me: did I ever ask you if there was a strange, heavy black iron pot, painted, lurking around in the basement there? I lost track of it around the time I moved out of Pamela's occupancy there.)

I do not recall seeing such a pot.


The box of things you brought over is great, and should be very well recieved on the next rainy day. Thank you!

Maybe we could come visit you sometime, and go to a playground so the kids can be wild and we can chat?

Sounds like a possible plan. Sorry I wasn't able to stay past their bedtime this visit!

Not a problem -- your sweetie needed you!

Nice job, but Mike's got you beat.
Last weekend he called from just out of town, "Can you pick me up? My headlights aren't working."
He got a deer. Apparently it's Volvo season.

From a health point of view, you and Kes may want to call your doctor and let them know a bat was in the house. Bats are a common rabies carrier and they leave puncture marks so small that people can be bitten when sleeping without knowing it. I don't think they usually recommend getting the shots just for having one in your house, but it doesn't hurt to double check if it counts as an exposure.

I'm glad you got the little beastie out.

It might be worth the effort to find out how it got in, and seal it.

Housemates had left outside doors open for extended periods of time in the immediately preceding days, which seems the most likely explanation.

Bat tails from Melville Keep

I am, obviously, way behind in reading LJ. Apologies for this blast from the past. I well remember the time when my husband and I were awakened by the alarm going off, only to find a bat circling the dining room chandelier.

My Ex ran upstairs (which amused me at the time.) I bravely opened doors to the outside so the bat could leave. To this day I've no idea how it got into the house, cause we didn't have open windows.

Y'know, maybe they came down the chimney?

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