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Help me LJ! Contact info for Barry?
Bar Harbor
In various Friends' LJs over the years, I have read frequent references to a wonder-worker known only as "Barry". I've been having some serious back pain lately, and thinking about asking my GP for a referral. It would help if I knew who I was trying to get referred to, and just what his technical medical specialty is. Help?

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I'm not a Barry customer, but I kept his info on hand just in case.

He's currently on vacation until the middle of March, and he doesn't accept insurance (because insurance never pays him). That said, he is worth every penny (and that's a lot of pennies- sessions are $120 for an hour). I was paying him out of pocket when I had no money at all, as an indication.

Thanks for the info, and the recommendation. I may not be able to wait that long, but it's good to have the info handy in case I'm still having trouble when he gets back...

The guy who covers for Barry is (and this is not a joke) Jo-Jo Salami.

No, really.

He's very good too.

You might consider asking for referral to a physiatrist. Still not exactly sure what they do--but I'm seeing mine again tomorrow and he's done wonders for my pain . . .

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