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I am old (and so is my scarf)
Bar Harbor
Someone at work recently commented on my Doctor Who scarf. It suddenly occurred to me that I've had that scarf a really, really long time. I'm bad at remembering dates, but I figure it's in the neighborhood of 28 years old. I've got lots of *co-workers* who are younger than that!

As I said at her memorial service, mom really made things to last.
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That's a sweet post and a fine memory. It's bad enough worrying that our books will outlast us, but one doesn't think about one's clothes doing the same.

"It's a box of one scarf!"

And a good one.

I know there's a story attached to that quote, but I cannot quite remember it...

Your story from a workplace long ago. Someone asked you "Alex, why do you have a box of scarves next to your desk?"

Ha! Thankee for the reminder.

(My workplace is moving around a lot this year, so opportunities for boxed scarf will abound.)

I wish I could say something like wearing a scarf is like carrying around a hug without sounding trite...but I'll throw the concept out there, anyway.

I'm sorry you lost your mom. But what an amazing way she's still near you.

Will still has the snake she made him when he was born--it's in his bed at his dad's house. The bell in the tail tip doesn't make noise anymore, though.

I remember that scarf. It was not new but probably less than 5 then :)

Belated condolences on your mom's death. I remember her as a warm and charming lady.

She is the only person I willingly addressed as Mom in all my days. For what it's worth, I firmly believe you, yourself, are a credit to her.


Re: I miss her, too.

Thank you!

I can olny remember the scarf being 27 years old but then it could just be that I graduated a year behind you. Your mom, on the other hand, I can remember like it was yesterday and you and I were going back and forth to Sturbridge Village together or learning basic together at WPI...

I am truly sorry for your loss.

---> Keith <---


Your Dad gave Harriet's earrings to some of her friends. I have a pair that were made from Fender guitar picks,they often cause comments. I enjoy wearing them, as I enjoy memories of your Mom.
She did make things to last, loving friends.
Best, Louise

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