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Dreams and Nightmares
Bar Harbor
Last night's subconscious theater had a wryly amusing double-feature.

First up, a dream that was not technically a nightmare. It's the beginning of the school semester, and I'm not sure what courses I should be taking, or whether I've actually missed some classes that started on the early side. Plus, I have no idea how I'm going to *pay* for school. Not actually scary, but extremely stressful and un-restful. When I woke up enough to realize that it was 2009, with my college years well behind me, there was a palpable sense of relief.

This was followed by a 'nightmare' in which I was part of a group of people escaping from hordes of zombies. It was in some vaguely game-like context, so I wasn't worried, and they were slow zombies, to boot. This dream was fun, refreshing, and restful.

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A dream of mine yesterday brought in elements of Kitchen Cons gone by, which was fun.

Jonathan Coulton just twittered having a back-in-college dream last night, too. Odd.

When I was at the inauguration, with the huge crowds of people shuffling around empty streets, I kept expecting to look around and start noticing that some of them were slightly more dead than the rest of us. I figured I'd have a pretty good chance of escaping, though, because I was actually on the lookout for zombies and most other people wouldn't notice until the biting started.

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