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Extremely high speed ravioli
Bar Harbor
"There was still one aspect of the whole concept of a ravioli-loaded railgun type wepon which we, lolling about late on a weeknight, with only a few neurons randomly firing, could not resolve. Would a chunk of metal (can of ravioli) impacting another, larger, rest mass structure (star destroyer) produce an "explosion" effect, or simply punch an appropriately shaped hole as it passed through?"

Detailed answer here.

(Thanks to DK (LJ name?), who gave a dramatic reading of this at a party on Saturday.)

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I believe the 'Bill' who is credited at the end is William "Crash" Yerazunis, Boston-area resident mad scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (in Kendall Square) and quondam competitor and team captain in Junkyard Wars.

Perhaps you've run into him from time to time?

Oh, good! I was trying to find this, and I couldn't remember which sort of pasta it was.

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