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Unclear on the concept
Bar Harbor
Frank Miller, talking about his new "Spirit" movie:
Among those changes to the story was Miller’s decision to have the character return from the dead with a Looney Tunes-esque level of invulnerability and a special pheromone that makes him irresistible to women — two elements that didn’t exist in the original Eisner stories.

“The old Eisner comics were loaded with romance, beautiful and dangerous women, and that was a way to explain the sparks flying between the Spirit and every woman he meets,” Miller explained.
Having your lead male character survive brutal fights and having women fall in love with him is not something that needed "explanation" in 99% of all action movies ever, including the ones that influenced Eisner so much in the 40s and 50s.

I'm definitely not paying theater prices to experience that degree of pain. But I may end up NetFlixing it, in the "unable to avoid looking at the train wreck" mode.

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Are they confusing The Spirit and Deadman *again*?

Having proven through repeated Alan Moore adaptations that I *can* avoid watching the train wreck, I suspect I'll wind up doing so again here...

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