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Bar Harbor
I am not, in the ordinary course of affairs, one to complain about dust, or to be upset about my personal space not being particularly neat and tidy. Living with contractors is *not* the ordinary course of affairs. For several nights running, there has been so much gunk on the floor that even I have felt compelled to sweep before I sleep. The whole house smells of plaster dust. I can't sleep in even if I feel like I should take a sick day, because people are banging about the house by 8 A.M. About half of my Stuff is in temporary storage where I can't easily get to it.

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Has the plaster dust (and paint fragments) been tested for lead content?

Good luck making it through the project.

I don't think so. Not sure what we would do differently if it was.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

You are aware of what inhalation of lead dust can do to the mental faculties of anyone getting it in their systems, yes?

Move out; hire de-lead contractors. If it contains lead it *will* make you sick.

Perhaps a night or two in a hotel?

Expenses are kinda tight lately. It might yet come to that, but I hope to make do by passing out on the weekends.

Come visit us! Oh, wait....our house is full of devastation too...

Grahh! Can you cordon off the areas they are working in any way?

Or spend the night on a friend's spare bed, just to catch up on sleep a bit?

Heh. I've been living in the middle of construction since 2004.

But hey, it may be done in the next two weeks! :)

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