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Bar Harbor
Today's Doonesbury shows B.D.'s hair. I wonder what it says about me that that was far more shocking than (and noticed before) what was in the bottom of that panel.

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Wow. I didn't even *notice* what was at the bottom of the panel, for the same exact reason. I'm guessing he planned it that way.

I'm glad he's going to be addressing this. There are *many* more soldiers coming home sans one or more pieces than have been killed, and no one talks about it. :-(

If you haven't been following Get Fuzzy, you might want to start.

(a) Get Fuzzy has a plot line now? Wha happum?
(b) Yeah.

quoth Arlo: "They fly them in at midnight, and unload all the bags...No one seems to care these days/when a soldier makes it home."

What They Don't Want You To See

From the Seattle Times, referenced by Irregular Times:

Re: What They Don't Want You To See

Re: What They Don't Want You To See

Oof. Hardly a surprise, I guess. With luck, the publicity will prompt somebody to offer her a job.

Well, noticing the hair first isn't suprising; that's the way he laid out the panel. Besides, the first thing a human looks at is a human face; and, since we've never seen BD's hair, we get hung up trying to identify that face.

Seeing half his leg gone is mostly an anticlimax after three days of thinking he was dying (not that we can be sure he won't, of course).

It's good to see that Trudeau remembered that BD once explained that he wears the helmet because he has bad hair. ;-)

Hmm. It's a brilliant bit of symbolism, on several levels. You have to admire Trudeau's willingness to mess with a defining character quirk he's held for thirty years, in the course of driving his point home...

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