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Miscellaneous WoW Silliness
Bar Harbor
I haven't had much time for WoW lately, between strawberry harvesting taking a chunk out of my day, new videogames, and many nights being Too Hot. But there's a few anecdotes from the past couple of months that I never got around to posting.

I spend a fair amount of my WoW time 'playing the Auction House', buying low and selling high. Most items that sell for a lot do so because they are useful for gameplay. Others sell because they are status symbols of one sort or another. Some of those are status symbols that sell because of how *useless* they are. Many of the magic items in WoW are semi-randomly generated, granting boosts to player stats that vary within a small, pre-determined range. Shortly after the release of the first expansion pack, something went wrong with this system, and many high-level items were created that granted "+0" to various statistics. The bug was quickly fixed, and no more such items are now generated. But the ones which had been created remained in existence. Unexpected side effect: all these buggy items are now rare collectors items, and fetch high prices at auction!

If you get a character to a high proficiency at Engineering, they can learn how to build "Ultra-Safe Transporters" that will instantly teleport them to various cities in the world. When Engineers (either goblin or gnomish) label something "Ultra-Safe", you have to expect some glitches. It always gets you where you're going... more or less. Sometimes it gets the X and Y coordinates right, but you materialize about 1000 feet up -- better hope you have a Slow Fall spell! Or you can get the Evil Twin debuff, which lasts for a few hours, and gives you a black goatee for the duration. Recently, I was subject to a 'Synchronization Error' debuff, which turned me into a kobold for five seconds, then a murloc for another five seconds before wearing off and restoring me to normal.

Someone on the Burning Crusade team was a big Firefly fan. I think I've mentioned before that there is a pretty gnomish Engineering trainer named K. Lee Smallfry, who professes a great fondness for strawberries. A while back, I was fishing in the same zone she hangs out in. While fishing a 'pile of debris', I hooked a 'Mysterious piece of debris' that started a quest. K. Lee wanted to see it, since it looked like it 'just fell out of the sky'. Now we know where the pieces that fall off of Serenity wind up!
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