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Weird Theatre Sunday
Bar Harbor
So, kestrell and I are already planning to go see username: FAUST on Sunday at 3 P.M. Since we'll be in Cambridge anyway, I wonder if it's worth sticking around for dinner and another show. bard_in_boston informs me that later that evening is a... unique theatrical event:

~~William Shakespeare: Vampire Hunter~~

[This Sunday, April 6th, at 7pm in room 34-101]
(Admission free to the public)

Q: What is "William Shakespeare: Vampire Hunter"?
A: It's a play that will be written, designed, directed, rehearsed, and open all in the space of 24 HOURS!

Q: Are you insane?!?
A: Yes! Come see it!

The fine print:
Overly-excited fans are welcome to line up outside the door at 6:15pm. Vampire fangs encouraged. Ritual animal sacrifices prohibited by law. The MIT Shakespeare Ensemble (TM) claims no responsibility for historical/literary figures who may or may not roll over in their graves as a result of this performance.


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I totally want to go to that, and I totally already have concert tickets for that night. Sadness. :(

username: FAUST isn't playing this Sunday.

FAUST opens Wednesday, April 9th and runs through Sunday, April 13th.

Edited at 2008-04-03 10:32 pm (UTC)

Are you wanting to go NEXT Sunday? :)

Yes, though there's a significant chance that Kes and I will also make it out to WS, Vampire Hunter this Sunday.

Perhaps a joint meal this Sunday, then, in addition to joint Fausting next Sunday? :) (Since we can probably convince londo to come to the meal.)

I am confused. Unless this message slipped through a time warp, the play really is this coming Sunday. I'd be happy to get together with you and londo for a meal, and I expect Kes would as well. What sort of time were you thinking?

Actually, that was me slipping into a time warp. I was responding to messages from before our DSL dropped and answering them as if the weekend had never happened... Not quite sure how that happened. Anyway. I am indeed sure we can work out both some joint food and some joint theater THIS Sunday, the same day, the day on which we are doing things. Perhaps dinner after the show?

Sounds good to me; running it by Kes now.

OMG, I have to go see the Vampire Shakespeare.

My gut reaction is that this is slightly nuts. OTOH, being a mild fan of 24-hour comics, and an avid writer of BYOGs, I do find myself pretty curious about the possible results...

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