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More Wild Cards resonance
Bar Harbor
So, the Democratic candidate who had been looking like the front runner early in the campaign is now suffering from a lack of momentum. They go to the black candidate and suggest giving him the VP spot in return for support. The black candidate says, "Maybe it should be *you* in the VP spot, not me."

Today's headlines, or a scene from Wild Cards book VI, _Ace in the Hole_? Which book also featured the first brokered Democratic convention in a very long time. (The black Dem in question was Jesse Jackson.)

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Mack the Knife!

These Wildcards posts are so tempting me to go back & re-read the whole series. But shortly after is the whole 'jumpers' sequence which is where the series got de-railed & didn't recover until #10, the Melinda Snodgrass.

I'm not finding the jumper storyline nearly as annoying as I did the mafia one. OTOH, Chris Claremont's involvement at that point is... palpable.

Didn't mind the Mafia storyline at all. I thought the names of the Dons was genius; Michaelangelo, Donatello, ...

Whereas I thought that particular in-joke to be just dumb. (shrug), different strokes.

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