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Technology Triumphs!
Bar Harbor
So, after spending so much time over the last week trying to get my various bits of technology to Just Work, I decided to spent some time last night on a tech-intensive yet fundamentally frivolous task. The result? I now have a complete, viewable copy of A Bloody Deed on my cell phone! Now I can spread the love of this piece *anywhere*, at a mere moment's notice :-)

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I recommend people download the .mp4 file from Google, as their flash compression is too heavy (pixelated). Alexx, you might see if YouTube gives a better quality, it often does (despite having the same company backing, the tech implementations are rather different).

My phone won't actually play .mp4 files. The set of conversions I went through was probably a bit lossy, but given the quality of the original video, I'm not sweating it.

By the by, thanks for your tech recommendations in the earlier thread. They were quite helpful.

What formats will it take?

The original rip for Google Video was to an avi, which I can send you if you want. [It's pretty big]

Or, I've got some other video converters I can play around with.

Oh, it's already on the phone quite acceptably, but thank you for the offer!

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