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More IT woes
Bar Harbor
It's possible that the GoBack corruption over the weekend was caused by some pernicious infection. Our ISP has idnetified my IP as the source of some worrisome (and not initiated by me) internet activity. Now downloading lots of malware scanners to try and track down the issue...

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Get a firewall that you can set up to block individual programs (the free version of Zone Alarm works well), and block everything except your browser.

Zone Alarm is far too resource intensive. Find the free version of Kerio at It'll have some more pro features for the first 30 days, but even after that it does a great job.

Isn't that one of the things GoBack is for?

(I swear, if Microsoft would just come out with a standard package manager, they'd cure so much pain for their users.)

Re: Wait a minute...

Oh yes, Saturday was just *full* of irony and catch-22. GoBack is supposed to protect you from Windows instabilities, but it turns out that GoBack is actually less stable than Windows. Which is a pretty low bar, but they manage to miss it...

Re: Wait a minute...

Maybe Microsoft and their ISVs are engaged in a giant game of Stability Limbo.

I recommend the following utilities:

Spyware/Malware (use as cocktail):
Windows Defender (free download from MS, realtime monitor)
Lavasoft Ad-Aware
Spybot Search & Destroy

Avast, BitDefender for a quick one-time scan.

Bidirectional firewall (out as well as in):
Sunbelt Kerio

General degunking:

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