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Warcraft Diary
Bar Harbor
It's been ages since I've posted one of these. Time to clear it out and start a new one :-)

Me and the guys from work ventured into Razorfen Downs last night. I was playing Elizia, my L46 Druid, recently re-specced to Feral, so I was tanking. I'm not super-skilled at Druid tanking yet, but am getting better. In one impressive encounter, we had accidentally aggro'd about a dozen mobs at once, mostly L39 elites. The lower-level party members died quickly, but with the aid of our Paladin, I actually managed to take all of them down without dying! Booyah! Not much XP for the run, but some useful experience in the old-fashioned sense of the word.


Elizia has hit 48. When soloing, she actually dies more often than Rumpelstilt, because she is less inclined to run away when things get bad. As a Feral Bear, she can survive surprisingly large groups of enemies. One quest in the Badlands required taking on a patrol of about 8 ogres at once (admittedly several levels below her) and she managed it solo!

Some quests do still require grouping, though. There's a troll in Stranglethorn Vale named Mogh the Undying who she tried to take on alone, and that didn't work out so well. He had a buddy who was a healer, so I targeted him first. Unfortunately, it turned out that Mogh himself is *also* a healer. So whenever one of them got weak, the other would heal them up. I just wasn't able to deal damage fast enough to kill either of them. And although the Druid has a vast and varied skill set, she's really weak in the "interrupt enemy spellcasting" department, so wasn't able to prevent those heals. She escaped with a sliver of health remaining. Will have to come back with The Boys and take this sucker down for good!


Last night, Elizia was adventuring in Searing Gorge, and a high level Horde character inexplicably decided to help her for a while. He would wait until she had acquired 'possession' of a fight, then wade in and help kill the monster. I would have Friended him, but the game won't let you do that.

E has now reached the point in Leatherworking where she must soon choose a specialty: Tribal, Elemental, or Dragonscale Leatherworking. Dragonscale certainly *sounds* coolest, but I think some research is in order before I commit...


It's been ages since I wrote last. E is now almost 53, and has gone Elemental Leatherworking. She has also decided to drop Tailoring and skill up Skinning. That's likely to take many hours of boring effort, but should prove lucrative in the longer run.

We did about half of Sunken Temple last night. Me, two guys from work, and 2 pickups, both of whom were highly skilled. One was a Healer who really knew his stuff, and didn't let anyone die (except for a wipe near the very end). The other was a Shaman who did lots of DPS, and, more importantly, knew ST like the back of his hand, so kept us moving in the right direction, and with good tactical advice. ST is quite labyrinthine, and easy to get lost in if you don't know what you're doing.

We defeated a powerful Troll Cult Leader, 4 huge dragons (including 2 we had to fight together), and a skeletal dragon-god avatar. There was also, at the very end, a semi-substantial Dream Dragon. He might be translucent, but he hits plenty hard, and also has a very potent sleep spell. He killed us all, and it was late enough that we decided to call it a night.

I'll definitely be taking E back to ST again, though. She still has a Druid quest to complete within, with a sweet reward: a staff that has about 20 DPS more than her current one, as well as improving spell damage.


Finally got around to dropping Tailoring for Skinning. After about a day's worth of effort, Skinning skill is up to the point where I can successfully skin the lowest level monsters that still give me experience. Another few hours, and I should be to the point where I can skin during normal adventuring again.


Spent last night clearing out some gray and low-green quests, while working on Skinning. One was "Tremors in the Earth" a Group quest in the Badlands, the end of a chain quest that starts with a questgiver in the middle of nowhere, and involves lots of Elite drake killing. I had a L44 Priest helping, and the two of us were able to clear the basic monsters easily. The final step of the quest, however, summoned *two* Elite L50 dragon bosses, and we were overwhelmed. I died, but the Priest managed to flee, then came back and rezzed me. To my surprise, the two bosses were still hanging out near the summoning pillar. As it happened, I was able to pull one away from his buddy. *Individually*, we were able to take them down without any real trouble!

Elizia is now L53, and can skin critters of L52 or below. One more night like this, and I should be able to stop worrying about my Skinning skill altogether.

Had a dream last night, in which Meredith had not only taken up WoW, she was *multiboxing*, playing a Warrior and Mage simultaneously...


Elizia has maxed out her Skinning, at least until such time as she makes it to the Outlands. She spent much of last night out farming for a bunch of Breath of Air in order to create a cool Elemental Leatherworking item. This took an annoyingly long time, even with some Thottbot help. In areas I could adventure in, it only has about a 15% drop rate, and from an elemental that is itself fairly rare. Took several hours, all told.

Meanwhile, I have been leveling Xandrk, my Human Priest. After a run through Hillsbrad and Alterac, he is now level 39. Only a few hours away from getting that yummy, yummy horse!

Now that "the guys from work" are online again fairly often, I'm spending most of my time on Llane. I'm even considering moving Rumpelstilt back there. He was theoretically going to be an excuse for on-line chatting with 43duckies, but it hasn't worked out that way, as we're almost never on at the same times. And my Guildissimo characters are almost as neglected, sigh. Stupid job, taking up so many productive hours...


After a few quest runs through Desolace, Xandrk has reached level 40, and subsequently bought himself a Chestnut Mare, yay! He also has gotten past a blockage in his Alchemy progress, and is starting to make cool new potions again.

Meanwhile, I actually spent a little more time with Implaq, who has reached 27. Most of the other guildies are way over my level now, but it's fun to have some back and forth conversation while playing.

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Go Guildissimo! We had a spread on the other night: 20, 30-something, a 40-something, my 58, and a 65....

We need a few more folks...

And, my 58 is now halfway through 59... and still not going to Outland. (I have this crazy thing about getting at least up to revered with Argent Dawn first).

And, if there is anything Implaq needs, just ask!

(I have this crazy thing about getting at least up to revered with Argent Dawn first).

I urge you strongly to consider pausing this for a while. The patch that is currently in testing includes (among many other changes) a significant speed up to the rate that Argent Dawn (and other level 60-ish, formerly endgame factions) accumulate rep. If you wait for that patch, you should be able to get where you want with them much more efficiently.

Plus, Outland is just mega-fun :-)

And, if there is anything Implaq needs, just ask!


(Deleted comment)
Cool, but the last thing I need right now is *another* server to play on. I can't keep up with even two very well, and still have legacy chracters on a half dozen others.

It was fun playing with you last night. I think things went better after I figured out that the way for me to play in that situation is to do the opposite of what the hunter guides recommend for instances. Namely, turn Shaelee loose, on defensive, with growl, beastial wrath etc., let her aggro everything, and stand back and try to hit each mob with at least one arrow.

After you left, Abteilung and Husqvarna took Kafsha on a 'field trip' around Thrallmar. Needed to do the other role, follow behind watching stuff die, don't attract attention, and pick up loot. Quite a contrast.

There are guild alts who are closer to your level. If you want companionship closer to your level, just sing out and some may be forthcoming.

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