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BioShock pictures
Bar Harbor
I've just uploaded a bunch of BioShock related pictures to Flickr. There's one of kestrell at the launch party, pictures of several bits of swag, and a photo-essay on the construction of a life-sized Big Daddy that arrived in our offices this afternoon.

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I follow a camera forum where one of the current issues is whether a particular new camera model is better than the one it replaced. There have been a few comparison shot posts, the most recent and detailed of which is here. I was amused to note that the subject chosen for the 100% crop of the sample images was the DVD cover from the Windows version of BioShock.

Speaking of swag, someone on rec.arts.sf.written is asking if there will be any Bioshock novels (I'd link to the thread, but Google denies its existence; subject is "Bioshock novel?").

I am unaware of any novels in the works, though that doesn't necessarily signify, as I'm not much in the marketing loop. A few years back, there was rumors of a movie option, but I haven't heard anything in ages, so I expect it's in limbo at the moment.

Not regularly, but enough to recognize the character. Thanks for the link!

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