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Cast Party
Bar Harbor
Cast party was good, despite several of my favorite cast people not showing up. As if to compensate, some of my favorite non-cast people showed up :-) The stranger-index was at a level that would typically have set off a shyness attack, but it didn't happen this time. Possibly because at least half the conversations were Shakespeare-geeking.

I showed folks the hilarious "A Bloody Deed" segment from Michael Anderson's wonderful "Freestyle Shakespeare" show. It's the charming story of three 12-year-old boys, Richard III, and a vast amount of fake blood. You can order a copy of the DVD from the author, Michael Anderson. It's very poor video quality, but it's worth putting up with that. Also, keep an eye on bard_in_boston, as the show may well turn up again.

Kali brought along a copy of "Noises Off", which every director should see. kestrell was sitting next to me, and I valinatly tried to subtitle dfast enough to keep up with the action. About halfway through, I started consistently failing, as sardines, whiskey bottles, fire axes, and flowers all went whizzing across the stage as fast as the eye could see, but considerably faster than the tongue could describe (especially when the tongue is often busy laughing uncontrollably). I've ordered a copy of the script, for fuller appreciation.

Had a few interesting conversations about kestrell's and mine ongoing deconstruction of Frankenstein (in brief: there is no monster, this is a variant of the Jeckyl & Hyde story). jducouer pointed out that this version could be made into an astoundingly creepy stage play, by using text from the book as narration, with a significantly different set of actions actually unfolding on stage. Perhaps if I actually write it, I can get rickthefightguy's Action Theater to put on a production :-)

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This past week was my 16 year olds' first stage production.
After the first night, discussing the things that went wrong, right, and just went, of course the discussion turned to "Noises Off"

I must get it for him ( and me)
I have seen it many times and I still haven't seen or caught it all.
Sardines? Newspaper? Phone?

OK, this is a hard one to winkle out. Who do I know who would read my LJ, doesn't have one of their own, and has a 16 year old? That ought to be enough information, but I'm stumped.

Sorry we couldn't make it -- got in from concert at midnight, with Steve already asleep in the car. I hear it was lots of fun, though. :)

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