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BioShock Reviews, day 2
Bar Harbor
alexx_kay 10/10
Eurogamer: 10/10
Gamespy: 5/5
Console Game World: 99%
Game Reactor: 9/10, with a second opinion of 10/10.
PC Gamer UK (listed before, but review now on-line): 9.5/10

Also, we have now been immortalized in a Penny Arcade comic strip.

I've heard some unconfirmed reports of scores as low as 94% from some really harsh sites. But even with that, we're currently looking at an *average* score of over 98%.

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Outstanding. Congratulations.

Man... you have got to feel like king shit of the mountain, right now. I mean, the stuff you're particularly working on is their first gameplay experience, and they haven't had that long to review it...

Not so much. For one thing, the stuff I put the *most* work into is at almost the end of the game, though these are all reviews from people who played the game to completion.

Two things that keep the head from swelling too much:
*) No sales figures yet. We were pretty sure we'd be a critical darling, but we don't know yet whether we will capture the hearts and wallets of the Mainstream Gamer.
*) Even if this *is* a monster hit -- that means that the pressure to deliver on the *next* project is going to be even higher.

(Deleted comment)
I expect I am not supposed to talk about details, but I do stand to get a non-trivial (by my standards) set of rewards, if certain goals are reached.

You've probably heard this one already, but

In fact, desire for your product is credited with slowing down the internet (from a commentary about Second Life network peformance):

"Network latency (ping time) is reportedly unusually high in some parts of the USA. The Bioshock preload on Steam is highly implicated, as the network congestion is taking place outside Linden Lab and mostly on the large residential ISPs and college/university networks."

Re: You've probably heard this one already, but

I hadn't! Thanks for the heads-up.

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