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Stardust tonight?
Bar Harbor
I'm vaguely considering going to the 8:00 showing of Stardust at Boston Common. If I were to do such a thing, would I see any of you there?

ETA: OK, I'm in. Hope to see you there!

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I would venture out of the house to do this, knowing I would be among pampering friends. :)

Planning on 6:30 in Woburn.

(Deleted comment)
Anakin! Hi there! We meet on LJ at last! I'm that musician chick you met first at a Trollhaven december game, and have subsequently run into at May Morning and on the 77 bus.

Mmmaybe? Let me check with galaneia.

We are confirmed for a pair of tickets at 8 pm. If you come, hopefully we'll see you there and maybe head out for ice cream afterwards or something.

I'm in, too. I have a ticket. Should we meet up? If so where/when?

It might be fun to say hi beforehand, or to sit together. The idea of hanging out together *after*, for movie discussion, is particularly appealing.

My ticket is now purchased as well. I have been unable to reach londo to know if he is also coming.

I won't be, but I'd just like to mention that my local paper started their review of it with this:
"While it's true that the film is based on a book, unless you're a fan of postmodern fiction, you probably haven't read Neil Gaiman's adult fairy tale."

I'll be with you in spirit, albeit in far away Chelmsford physically.

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