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Movie night Thursday?
Bar Harbor
So, if I hold a movie night on Thursday, will people come? Will it make a difference if you know what movie it will be? Some likely candidates are "Sin City" and "Harold and Maude", but I'm open to other suggestions.

(I didn't hold one last week, on account of HP read-aloud marathon...)

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I can't tell if this is a question to "the people who answered the poll that they were open to Thursdays but didn't come last time" or "everyone, even people that have already answered saying Thursdays are bad for them." If it's for the latter, well, I can't do Thursdays. If it's the former, this is a useless and perhaps even annoying post. Sorry.

We should get together some time, movie night or no. I brought a book for you to the Shakespeare-on-the-Common, but did not see you there :-(

Well, your lovely wife is having a birthday party soon... :)

Not this Thursday, or next, what with Pennsic, for me.

Ditto -- the insanity begins Friday morning, so I expect to spent Thursday evening packing...

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