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Buttery Birthday
Bar Harbor
All in all, a fine party. Saw a bunch of people, had some great conversations and flirting. I only wish there had been two of me, so I could have done more :-)

Started slow, but picked up significantly in the early evening. I was amazed at pryder's ability to throw a half-hour long hissy-fit over being reminded of an event that happened twenty years ago. Who keeps a grudge that long? It certainly isn't improving his life to brood about it; quite the opposite. But luckily that didn't end up setting the tone for the party as a whole.

mermaidlady kindly sang me some prepositions on request. Not as satisfying as *propositions*, but still much appreciated :-)

Got to see fabrisse, albeit all too briefly, and commiserated with her over the strangeness of Californians.

Noticed a copy of _Motel of the Mysteries_ in the bookshelf, and pulled it out to show issendai (I had mentioned it to her when we were at the MFA). She appreciated it. *I* appreciated the fact that someone had inserted into this copy a xerox of a (apparently famous) photograph that the author was specifically parodying.

kestrell and siderea were doing tag-team academia/media-studies geekery, and keeping the entire living room fascinated. I walked in after a while away, and noticed how all the sight-lines of the room were focused on the two of them, as if they were in an ampitheater. (Anyone out there have any info on how movie soundtracks are conceived and created?)

Kes actually was still partying when they kicked us out at midnight! Practically unprecedented. The massive amounts of Coke probably had something to do with it.

The next day, we were both pretty wasted. I think I made the right choice to have a quiet day at home, rather than go to msmemory's party, even though that sounded like fun. Need to rest up for *my* party! herooftheage suggested that I view all three parties as simply installments of one "proper" sized party. I allowed as how that was an admirable suggestion, and, if this were going to be my *thirtieth* birthday, one I might even have been able to follow :-)
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I can keep a grudge for twenty years, and have; and I agree it's probably not good for me. But after that long, I don't let it out in public.

Sorry we missed each other for parts I and II of your party; I'll see you at part III fer shur. (I'm bringing a movie.)

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