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Warcraft Diary
Bar Harbor
First update in ages...
Implaq is level 24, and has lots of green quests in Wailing Caverns she wants to do. Found one group right away, which was unusual. It had a Level 60 Druid! Was actually a pretty unfun experience. The 60 made everybody (including himself) cocky, so there were a bunch of deaths. The rest of the time, we were moving so fast that I had no time to appreciate the content. And then he had to leave after about 45 minutes, so we didn't even come close to finishing, but now I have a bunch of quest items cluttering my bank until I can get a full run through.


Hokay, I managed a full (ish) run through Wailing Caverns. It took about an hour just to put a group together. I kept finding a fifth member just as one of the ones I *had* found bailed on us.

Eventually, we went in with just four, as we were somewhat over-leveled, so it seemed likely we could handle it. Which we did, with no actual deaths once we got all four of us together. It was me (Warrior) and *three* Blood Elf Paladins. Triple Aura city!

It was a decent run, but there were two collection quests that I didn't manage to finish, and I missed picking up a crucial quest item out of mere stupidity. So, I'll be heading back soon for go #3, it looks like.

Oh well, at least there is lots of loot. This place drops *ridiculous* amounts of Green items. I think I got at least 10. An Enchanter in their mid-20s could farm a *lot* of spell components here. There were a moderate amount of Copper and Tin mines, and a good deal of Herbalism components as well.

One of the party members introduced me to some hidden questgivers in a sub-cave above the WC entrance, which was cool. There was also a merchant there, who sells some rare Deviate Scale Leatherwork patterns, which are well worth reselling on the Auction House.


It's been weeks since the last entry, but life got busy, and I've mostly just been playing alts in dribs and drabs. Yesterday I finally had a goodly chunk of time, and went back in to the Wailing Caverns. Man, that's a big, sprawling dungeon. An efficient group could probably do it in under three hours. The squabbling PUG I put together took more than four. It was much like herding cats. Only two wipes, but lots of repetitions of "Someone had to leave." "Should we replace or go on without?" "We have a replacement, but we have to go back to the beginning of the dungeon to pick him up..." One guy in particular left and came back like three times. To add insult to injury, *he* kept yelling at everyone *else* for being slow and inefficient! He was a skilled player, but in hindsight, it would have been a faster and more enjoyable experience without him.

And after all that, I had left some quest items in the bank, so I'm *still* not done there. Luckily, the final quest step is near the entrance, so if I can get one or two high-level guildies to help, we should be able to knock it off quickly.

In other WoW news, whisper-spamming is reaching epidemic levels on both servers I'm active on. This is where a gold-farming and/or power-leveling web site creates a junk account and whispers ads to as many players as they can before they are shut down.

I'm now getting several of these every hour. If I'm not in the middle of something time-critical, I report them, but it has little long-term effect. Assuming even a modest proportion of players like me who report them, they probably get shut down within a few hours on average. But if they get one sale of a level 70 character or an epic mount out of that, the $50 they're out from the banned account is a perfectly reasonable investment. So they keep doing it.

Blizzard is doing what they can to counter the growing tide. In the past few weeks, I've noticed that I no longer get personalized GM interactions when I report a whisper-spammer, just a 'form letter' whisper acknowledging the report. They must be automating the process as much as they can. But any process that waits for a customer complaint to initiate will never catch up to the spammers. They really need some sort of bayesian filter that automatically flags suspect messages. Maybe I'll suggest that to them...


And it's been yet another really long time since my last entry. I had some guildies ready to help Implaq finish off WC, but just as I was drawing near the dungeon, my game started repeatedly crashing. Shortly after *that*, my PC stopped working entirely, and it took me about two weeks to get it repaired.

By now, work has done the phase change from super-busy to super-light, and the boys from the office are online more. Saturday night, we all went over to the Scarlet Monastery, which I had never been through before, and did about 3/4 of it before I had to go to bed. It was a bit on the low-level side for most of us, but still fun.

There was a cool moment in the final part, where we fought what looked like the final boss, but then a second boss showed up, *rezzed* the first boss, and then we had to fight them both at once. I always love it when I see the NPCs use a spell that I've come to think of as "PC only".


Well, I feel dumb. This last month, I've been laboring under a misapprehension. I somehow got it into my head that, when you collected all the gems from the bad guys in the Wailing Caverns, that you had to turn them in to the Druid near the entrance to complete that quest and start the next step. Although I had *seen* the event with the Druid and the Giant Murloc, I thought it was part of a quest that I didn't have at the time. It wasn't. It was just a cool event leading to a boss fight, and not every boss has a quest.

Nonetheless, it was fun to play with guild members. Implaq was aided in this run through by Husqvana and Abteilung, with Glowingmoon joining in later. They were so over-leveled for this instance that it was all I could do to keep up with the, looting the bodies as they fell like wheat before a scythe.

Also, since the others had no interest in loot of this level, I got a truly ludicrous quantity of maguc items, including a few blues that were actual useful upgrades for me. By the end of the run, I was throwing away a lot of the equipment I usually carry for convenience, because it would be cheap to replace and I'd rather have room to pick up the magic item that just dropped.


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