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PC Gamer July 2007 mentions some friends
Bar Harbor
In a (fairly shallow) article on gaming addiction.
Patri Freidman, a gamer from California, who plays MMO games only three hours a week, believes that as long as priorities are met, gaming even for hours on end isn't, in itself, a problem. "If you're single and working 30 hours a week, and you play an MMO for 30 hours a week, that's a lot of time, but that's your main recreation. I'm not [convinced] that there's anything wrong with that."
Of course, for some of the guild members, his playing *only* three hours a week is itself a problem :-/

In a sidebar on Helpful Tips for Addiction-Prone Gamers, Kingdom of Loathing gets called out as a game that is good for playing in moderation, as it has lmited turns per day.
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