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Job update
Bar Harbor
cvirtue reminds me that I haven't posted about my job for a while. It goes well. After a typically disorganized first week, dealing with setup of hardware, software, and bureaucratic paperwork, I started doing actual work on Wednesday. There's still a certain amount of learning curve with the new-to-me tools, but I'm ramping up fast. I aspire to overtaking the art team and making them rearrange the schedule :-)

I knew I would enjoy working with Dorian, when I saw a note he'd put in one of the design docs, correcting an "i.e." to an "e.g."; we are similarly nit-picky :-)

Some of the team is doing a demo for one of the major games magazines on Monday. We already got excellent coverage in two out of the three, so here's hoping we get even more good publicity.

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I haven't been ignoring this, but the details I most want to ask about are the ones you probably shouldn't tell me about - like how the game is shaping up.

I will ask if you can expound on the tools you're using. What designer tools do you have, and how do you like them? Can you answer that much, at least?

I think I can safely say that it is shaping up "well", without being more specific :-)

As far as tools goes, I'm using pretty much the same tools that were released for the mod community, albeit updated a bit with new feature support. Doing most of my work as Python scripting, with a little 2D level editing using FFEdit (mostly just placing interactive objects and triggers). Source control is with Perforce, which is pretty straightforward. So far, I'm quite happy with these tools. I suppose I could use a slightly better Python editor (for catching stupid syntax errors), but the actual *game* tools I have no complaints with.

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