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July 4 Birthday Party!
Bar Harbor
On the Fourth of July, I will be forty years old. I realized recently that several of you have now been friends of mine for more than half my life. That's worth celebrating! I invite you all to Melville Keep for said celebration! Your presence will be present enough for me, but bringing food would not go amiss. More details to follow.

ETA: By "you", I mean to invite all people reading this, not just my oldest friends!
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What about those of us who haven't known you for that long? Are we invited, too? ;P

Yes, you certainly are! Thanks for pointing out the lack of clarity.

A whole bunch of us are turning 40 this year, myself included. Many celebrations are clearly in order.

So, any chance of your making it to my party? I don't think I've actually seen you in more than passing-at-a-con for *years* now!

I got your call, eventually. :) I'll be there!

Were you born on the Fourth, or just be already fourty then?

I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, and there are always fireworks on my birthday :-)

I'm thinking of bringing jerked chicken (spicy!), bbq chicken (moderately spicy), and plantains for grilling (the plantains will depend on my level of ambition and what's available in the stores) along with banana-guava ketchup for the jerked chicken.

Sound good?

Will the house grill be available for my use?

Plantains aren't my thing, particularly, but I have no objection to them being there. The rest sounds yummy.

I have been assured that the grill will be available.

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