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Avenue Victor Hugo is closing!
Bar Harbor
Book Store Closing

"Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop will shut its doors for good in May. The year long attempt to save the store in a new location will come to an end. A loss of former customers who thought the store had closed at the end of 2002, compounded with an overall loss of business to chain stores, and to the changing shopping patterns on Newbury Street, made continuing the struggle impossible.

Despite lower overhead, a large stock of over 100,000 volumes, and a good location only steps from where it originally opened almost thirty years ago, the shop has finally succumbed to the prevailing trends in the book business. Blue Bart, the store cat, will retire to the home of a long time friend.

A general 50% off sale will commence Thursday, April 1st for book fools and those who wish to be. The sale will continue until all stock is sold, with further reductions to follow as necessary. Shelving will be sold in May.

For more information and updates please revisit our website. We will post more information in the coming days"


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