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Bess and Chris' wedding: miscellaneous thoughts
Bar Harbor
Caera's harp music was lovely, as was she, in a velvet dress.

Nonny thought that nursing during the ceremony would be a good plan. Bess, not so much. Thankfully, chaiya was willing and able to take Nonny off and distract her.

The chuppa(sp?) was beautiful. It was bordered by a branch on each side; the same branch, but in each of the four seasons.

At one point during the ceremony, the officiant asked the bride and groom to read a poem that they had not seen ahead of time. That set off major alarm bells is my head. Luckily, it didn't seem to contain anything the couple objected to. But really, What Was She Thinking? Nobody wants surprises in the middle of their wedding ceremony, do they? Everyone involved in a wedding should observe this rule: If you're not one of the people getting married, then it is Not About You.

One part of the ceremony had the bride and groom slowly circling each other. I can't have been the only person in the room thinking of Jenny Pluck Pears :)

hawkegirl was asked to give the blessing about children, and did so very well, despite protestations of typecasting :) She and her family were sitting in front of me, and one of her daughters, obviously bored, kept squirming around and looking at my shiny PDA, which I was using to take notes and pictures.

This is the first time since I've gotten a phone-with-camera that I've actually remembered to take advantage of it at an event like this. Perhaps I will even get around to uploading them at some point...

At the end of the ceremony, the couple processed gravely out. Well, for a bit. Before reaching the end of the hall, Bess' irrespressibility made her break into a galliard :)

In conversation afterwards, I heard jdulac deflecting a clothes compliment with something to the effect of, "well, this is as dressy as I get." cvirtue responded with, "We would hardly expect to see you in tulle. A tool *belt*, maybe..."

The music was pretty good overall, albeit far too loud (see the "Not About You" rule above; DJs always break this one for some reason). A nice mix of many different styles and eras. I'm not much of a dancer, myself, but stumbled through a few SCA dances which I mostly remembered. As a spectator, I greatly enjoyed watching mermaidlady and ladysprite Do The Twist. There was also a fun moment later on, when the DJ started up a jazzy number, and I saw Mermaidlady head across the hall towards new_man with Intent.

At one point they did "the chair dance", which I gather is traditional, and involves lifting the bride and groom up on chairs and dancing around with them. Poor Bess looked positively acrophobic! After the happy couple was lowered back to earth, Ira got some people to carry *him* around in the chair, to his great glee.

I saw lots of people I hadn't seen in a while. This had good and bad aspects. On the one hand, socializing is good, on the other, I'm very out of practice at it. I was also pretty low energy due to lingering cold and sleep deprivation, so I went home around 2:30.
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It sounds like it was wonderful. I only wish we had been more involved in the SCA so it would be appropriate for us to go. But we just met the Bride, Groom and Nonny at Goddesses. The kid-friendly atmosphere was very interesting as I continue to try navigating the waters of comfort levels of those not with child at events.

I shall never forget the vision of hawkegirl heartily shoveling the walkway at goddesses with a babe on her back singing a lyrical tune.

Here's to more fun and many years of love and happiness for the bride, groom and their family.

Thank you. We look forward to getting to know you and yours better. Hugs!

I had no problem with the Rabbi's poem. She had talked to us about it ahead of time, and I suspect if we had asked to see it, she would have showed it to us. She said to think of it as a gift from her.

We've been part of Rabbi Perry's congregation for almost 2 years now. In the many months before the wedding we had met with her extensively, first while she got to know us and our relationship a bit better so that she could decide whether or not she would officiate at the wedding (she decides interfaith weddings on a case-by-case basis) and then planning the wedding and making sure all parts were meangingful to both of us, as well as doing some pre-marriage counselling. I feel that she knows us both quite well by now and therefore I trusted her that there would be nothing that we would object to in the poem, and was perfectly okay with not having seen it before. That reminds me -- I need to ask her for a copy of it :-) Had we not all known each other as well, I suspect I would feel differently.

Thanks for the clarification.

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