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Diary bits
Bar Harbor
Huh... Got what looks like a very incompetent piece of comment spam in my LJ. I say incompetent, because the only URL there is my own. Or I suppose it *might* be a legitimate piece of praise, but no less competent if it's that. Oh well. I have (belatedly) turned on IP logging, so I can investigate such things further if they happen again.


When I got home last night, kestrell and freerange_snark were halfway through watching The Usual Suspects, which Kes had never seen. I joined them, to enjoy the "Will Kes guess the twist, and how will she react?" show :-) SPOILER ALERT: Of course she got it, she is One With The Story. Practically the first thing out of her mouth, according to FS, was "Did the gimpy guy do it?" And when it eventuated that he had, Kes was all "Score one for our team!"

"Your team?" I asked, "But he was faking his disability all along, so he wasn't *really* on your team, was he?"

"Exploding the myth of the disabled person as incompetent," she smugly replied. "Honorary, but *definitely* on my team." END SPOILER ALERT


Damn, but Spring has most definitely been revoked. Woke up very cold in the middle of the night, and possibly *with* a cold, to boot. Now big fluffy snowflakes are coming down. Kes has also been hit pretty hard with the weather change. Current odds of making it to 12 Goddesses: 30% for her, about 70% for me.


Woke up early, what with the cold, and so decided to have a hot breakfast before going to work. Glad I did, because that meant I got to see rickthefightguy and tamarinne briefly when they awoke (they got in very late last night). Hugs were exchanged, along with not enough talking. Back to work now, so that I can (hopefully) get out of here early and do more visiting with them!

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Didn't know Rick was going to be in town! Cool.

I earnestly hope to see you at Goddesses, although the forecast here is for a foot of snow. It will depend on the roads.

She asked if the gimp did it before any of the characters were introduced! Takes half the fun out of watching it with someone who's never seen it. *pout*

I think the answer to this is to say "No, he didn't, but you'll find out."

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