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Warcraft Diary
Bar Harbor
In the course of working on my Engineering profession, I sought out a Grand Master Engineer in the Outlands. Found one, a cute girl gnome named "K. Lee". She says "shiny" a lot, and has a professed fondness for strawberries. Sounds like they've got at least one Firefly fan lurking on staff :)

K. Lee has taught me how to build a machine to "extract marsh gas". I have no idea what this actually *means*. Guess I'll just have to build it and find out...


It's Valentine's season once again in Azeroth. You can slap on some perfume or cologne, hand some lovestruck person of the appropriate gender a red paper "love token", and they will give you a present. There's even a quest to collect a whole bunch of these presents from each of the three major cities (the new races aren't included, at least not yet), and bring them to a grinning goblinoid Cupid for a reward. But beware of broken hearts!

Interestingly, this quest requires players to, in some senses at least, present as bisexual. Lovestruck men react to players wearing perfume, lovestruck women like cologne. The quest requires giving tokens to guards in each major city. The Humans of Stormwind have reasonably equitable hiring practices in their guard -- but the Dwarves of Stormwind have only male guards, and the Night Elves of Darnassus, only female guards. So if you want to "collect 'em all", you're going to be professing your love to a lot of people of both genders.

One of the gifts you can get for participating in the festivities is a Silver-Tipped Arrow. Target another player with this, and they will have a miniature goblinoid cupid follow them around for a while. I like to target Night Elf Rogues. They always brag about how "I'm sooooo sneaky..." Let's see how sneaky you are with a little flapping goblin by your side. Hah!

There's one other seasonal quest thread out there, in which you help an unreasonably paranoid fellow track down the source of this suspiciously sudden outbreak of affection. Or maybe he's not so unreasonable, after all. At the end of the quest thread, I did discover an undead sorcerer with a cauldron... So I guess Valentine's Day *is* an evil conspiracy!

The reward for completing this quest was a pretty suit of clothes. Feh. Why do they make all these seasonal clothing rewards be "Chest Armor"? You can't wear them normally without sacrificing a good deal of your effectiveness, and how often is there an appropriate occasion to bring them out? If they made them "Tabards" (which don't affect actual gameplay) then some people would actually wear them around.

Hmmm... The Festival of the Moon should be coming up next month. One of the quest events that happens then is that the ghost of a semi-divine hound periodically menaces the shores of the Lake of Elune. Last year, he was a terrifying monstrosity that could kill me just by standing somewhere vaguely near me. This year, unless they've tweaked him since the expansion pack, I might well be able to solo him.


Last night I managed to put together a pick-up group for Blood Furnace, the second wing of Hellfire Citadel. Getting the group to actually come together was in some ways the hardest part of the affair. I had to exercise my rusty, but apparently still above average, real life leadership skills. I don't like being in charge, but sometimes I'm willing to put up with it in order to meet my other goals.

The dungeon itself was full of Fel Orcs in mad science mode. They were experimenting on ordinary orcs to convert them into the extra-strong-and-evil Fel variety. (Uruk-who?)

Periodically, as we made our way through, we would hear booming taunts from someone at the bottom of the dungeon. "Your pitiful spells cannot hold me forever!" "Free me and I will make your deaths merciful!" The usual sort of thing. Although every once in a while, he would call out Illidan as a wuss. Since Illidan is one of The Major Bad Guys in WoW, boasting that you are tougher than him, while probably technically false, is still an indication that you're probably a major badass.

On the penultimate level of the dungeon, we found a bunch of Fel Orcs maintaining a pentagram of energy, with a high level sorcerer in the center. The floor was glass, and far beneath us, we could see a huge Demon/Dragon-y thing, apparently imprisoned by the ritual energy of the orcs.

When we fought the orcs, they complained about "You don't know what you're doing! This will doom us all!" Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda. Bring it on, mister XP and loot on the hoof. So we unleash an eldritch horror, so what? Defeating it will bring even *more* XP and loot! Plus it will probably be a really fun fight :)

Sadly, however, we did not actually get to fight the eldritch horror last night. Apparently that's a different quest that you have to be level 70 for. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, one of the quest rewards from that session was a sweet set of magic pants. Rumpelstilt's crit chance with fire spells is now 29.75%.


I've now done about half of Terrokar Forest, and have dinged 66. Sadly, this means that my crit chance has dropped, to a 'mere' 28.something. But I'll get better gear and bring it back up before long, no doubt.

This is the third of seven zones in the Outland. Looks like I'll reach 70 and still have lots of new content to look at. (Not to mention the ability to go back and sightsee in many of the older dungeons solo.)

I've picked up the Lunar Festival quest to defeat Omen, but haven't actually taken the time to do so. The stuff in the Outland is just soooo distracting. But it's time-limited, so I really should do it soon...

Also, I really should spend some time with my poor neglected Guildissimo characters...


Well, I went and found Omen, solo. Methinks he *has* been updated. Either that, or he was really frickin' high level to begin with. As a level 66 character, I still see his level as "skull" -- and of course, he's Elite. I managed to flee before he killed me, but I think he has a very short "pursue" distance. I made a desultory attempt to find a group to take him on, but no nibbles, so I stopped soon. Methinks most high-level players are busy in Outland. So I headed back there myself for an hour or so of adventuring.

I've respecced Rumpelstilt slightly. Gave up some of the less significant stuff in the Fire tree to let me drill deeper into Arcane. Specifically, to get down to Presence of Mind, which lets me (once every three minutes) cast a lengthy spell as an Instant. Still getting used to that, but it means I cast Pyroblast during combat much more than I used to :)


Interesting bunch of quests in Terrokar Forest, involving a Blood Elf village. They have lots of teleporters installed and that's the only way to reach certain regions. Turns out that they were working on a "Mana Bomb" WMD. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to detonate the bomb while it is still in their territory. Don't stand too close when it goes off!


Grumble. The "crashing when traveling bug came back after last patch. The last time this happened, the Repair facility fixed it up fine. But it turns out that the Repair tool needs to connect to a specific server to do its thing, and that server was down all day Saturday. Feh.

Well, I took the cue to actually go and play some of my Guildissimo characters for a bit. Got to chat briefly with 43duckies before she logged off, and actually adventured with rickthefightguy for a while.

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So that's where those cupids came from! snicker.

Dravine loves her purple with gold trim festival dress. She wouldn't want to wear it out slaughtering (is that the right word?) undead anyway. yuck.

She hasn't worn it to the snotty lord's party yet. He complained about her dress last time. Anyone know of a use for the invitation to said party?

"You don't know what you're doing! This will doom us all!" Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda. Bring it on, mister XP and loot on the hoof. So we unleash an eldritch horror, so what? Defeating it will bring even *more* XP and loot! Plus it will probably be a really fun fight :)

Well, THAT explains hundreds of B monster movies...

Anyone know of a use for the invitation to said party?

As it says in the mouseover tip, it gives you full access to the party. You can grab all the appetizers and booze you want. Some of the food is even mildly magical. Not worth going out of your way for, really, but fun to do once.

'full access' did not appear superficially to differ from non. Dravine hadn't tried the fare, she will have to (she is often in the area picking up copper). Thanks.

I think it also changes what the partygoers say if you click on them. Not that it makes them any *less* snotty, just differently so :)

Hey, they wouldn't be Blood Elves if they weren't Snotty!

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