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Waking up Laughing
Bar Harbor
In the wee hours last night, I literally woke up laughing. I had just had a dream which, while pleasant, was also absurd. And of a familiar enough pattern that I recognized it and laughed myself awake.

It's a fairly new pattern, seems to have started some months ago, and happens once every few weeks or so. In it, I find out (directly or indirectly) that person X now regrets having broken up with me, and wants to try getting together again. The identity of person X varies from dream to dream, or sometimes even during a single dream, but they are always real people I know. They also always have the following two qualities:
*) Someone I have a crush on.
*) Someone I have never *actually* dated.

Apparently, my subconscious refuses to accept that I never dated them, or something. Or it might just be an expression of the way Boys constantly live in Hope :-)

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I have a girl version of that dream, sometimes. Someone I think is swive-worthy (but "crush" is probably not the right word) professes his or her undying yearning for a fun and friendly tumble with me. A good time is had by all.

This in spite of the person not expressing other than friendly interest in me, and in spite of my personal feelings of unsexiness.

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