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CPAP Update #2
Bar Harbor
Someone will be coming by my house with a variety of masks (and, hopefully, expertise) tomorrow night after work...
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A home visit!? Yaaay!

In my experience, not so much on the expertise. Also, if you put a mask on your face, you own it. No testing allowed.

Read it again—he said he hoped the person had a variety of expertise. Clearly, MPD is involved.

After many years I've just gone from a nasal mask to a full face. Given the beard in your picture, I'd suggest seriously considering either nasal pillows or the nasal mask. When I had the nasal mask I shaved off my mustache as it kept breaking the seal. With the full face mask I need to shave substantially more.

It probably depends on the face configuration; my husband has the triangular nose-and-mouth mask, and a full beard, and it works fine.

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