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Awesome WoW hackery
Bar Harbor
Some people with too much time and money on their hands get more than one computer with its own World of Warcraft account, and play multiple characters at once. There's one man who has taken this to an extreme, and has a full party of five - 4 Mages and a Priest. Since they are separate computers and accounts, and since a live human being is operating each one (essentially) simultaneously, this is all considered completely legit. A completely legit team that can keep itself healed while dealing out literally thousands of poiints of Area of Effect damage per second. Once every three minutes, the team can deliver 16,000 points of damage to a single target, and there are no players (and few NPCs) who can stand up to that. This is the most incredible hack (in the complimentary sense) that I have seen in ages.

Here's an interview with him, including links to many videos.

(Tip o' the hat to Henry Jenkins' column in CGM for alerting me to this phenomenon.)
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