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Shock Treatment review
Bar Harbor
kestrell sent me a link to this very well-written review of Shock Treatment, the little-known sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, now available on DVD for the first time. I found it quite an interesting read, even though I didn't agree with it entirely.

I've always had rather an idiosyncratic relationship to both films. I'm one of the few people I know who actually likes TRHPS as a *film*, as opposed to a communal ritual experience. I had a bootleg video tape that I enjoyed watching, but never actually went to a midnight showing. The closest I ever came to that experience was listening to a record set that was recorded live at such a showing, and seeing it once at an SF con.

In the pre-internet days of my youth, it was many years between the time I first heard about Shock Treatment and the time I actually managed to see it. I actually found a copy of the soundtrack album (on vinyl!) a long time before I found the film itself. I love the music, and one could infer most of the plot from the songs -- or so I thought at the time. Once I actually *did* see the film, it made considerably less sense than the songs alone did; the added context confused rather than clarified. Ah well. I still love the music, and upgraded that album to CD a few years back. (Perhaps it is telling that the CD release happened so much earlier than the DVD did.)

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i LOVE shock treatment, and was incredibly extatic when the DVD arrived at my house. i fidn it a much mroe poignant movie then RHPS was, though i do liek both as movie experiences.

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