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For those of you who remember System Shock 2....
Bar Harbor
In payment for my sins in helping horribly break the Tommy-and-Rebecca-flee-to-a-shuttle scene so many times, I am now tasked with implementing a scene about 3-4 times as complicated. It will be extremely cool when it's done, but there's no way I'm going to get it QA-proof by Alpha.

Alpha, by the way, is a week from today, which is why I'm at work instead of home eating leftovers. Still, I remain Thank-ful that I have such a cool job.

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Slightly apropos: in random conversation with my cousin (~19 yo) today, he heaped high praise on Freedom Force and FFv3R. When I allowed as how I knew the folks that had worked on them, he said to make sure to pass along the kudos...

Thanks! We don't get much feedback, so it's nice to hear from fans.

So I guess I have you to thank for my own failure to break that scene.

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