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Kidney update
Bar Harbor
Sadly, my blood type turns out to be incompatible with my dad's, so I can't give him a kidney -- directly at least. Still investigating the possibility of setting up a cross-donation: an arrangement where I donate to person X, and person X gets someone to donate to my dad. Of course, finding an appropriate X is non-trivial...
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Surely there is an organization which organizes this kind of exchange?

Yes, at least one. The match-ups are still non-trivial.

Presumably, you're talking full blood types, not just basic A/B/O? Yeah, that's a hard one. Good luck.

Further even than +/-. I am ineligible due to being type "A1", not "A2". Even if I *had* had the "right" type, it would have been subject to further tests to see if our respective blood actually got along in practice. The type-testing is just the coarse-grain test. I don't really understand all the details.

Right—IIRC, "blood type" these days covers something like 30 separate factors.

Ah, yes, I imagine! Good luck.

Sorry to hear that. Best of luck in your continued search.

What's your dad's blood type?

I'm O-positive. And I've even got photocopies of the donation paperwork from when I was next in line to donate a kidney to Steve's friend Jim. (Fortunately for Jim, his cousin was a better match than I, so that worked out.)

Let me know if you want more info from me? *hugs*

*boggle* Are you seriously proposing donation here? For the relative of someone who was only a moderate friend in the past, and who hasn't even *seen* you in the flesh for years, despite living in the same city? Or am I totally misunderstanding what you're saying?

Yes, actually. I thought a lot about this when Jim needed a donor -- someone I'd never met, and who'd only been peripherally in Steve's life since he was a teen. I have an extra kidney, I'm in reasonably good health, and I like to help people. I have a flexible work schedule, I have lots of reading I could do while recouperating, and I'm not planning on getting pregnant for at least another year or two. Now is good for me, and it sounds like now is good for your dad, too.

Wow. That's... I have no words. Other than, yes, I'd certainly like more info. You said you had some sort of paperwork?

This is Russ, Alexx's dad, and I just don't know what to say about your generous offer beyond a stunned "thank you!" Gulp. Please email me at _russkay ATSIGN charter.net_ so we can exchange contact information. I met with a transplant nephrologist at UMass yesterday and she told me that since I've already begun dialysis, the sooner I can get a transplant the better.

Did I say thank you!?

I'll take this to email with an update, since LJ is suddenly feeling very public ... *blush*

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