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Orphans in Azeroth
Bar Harbor
This last week (actually not quite over yet) is "Children's Week" in World of Warcraft. This is a special time to appreciate those smallest victims of the ongoing war, those children whose parents have both died. There is a special, limited-time quest available to take an orphan on a tour of the world. If you complete the tour, you get your choice of a special pet, or *5 gold pieces* (which, for most low-to-medium level players, is a *lot* of money). It's pretty easy, too, since the orphan doesn't actually have to, y'know, *travel* with you -- once you reach the destination, you can summon him with a magic whistle.

Bob sent Bing an email at E3, being under the mistaken impression that it was an urgent task. Even though it wasn't really urgent, Bing valiantly attempted to log in from his hotel. Technically, it did work, but what with poor connectivity and a sub-gaming laptop, the lag was impressively bad, even with all the graphics turned down to ugly. Worse, some hiccup in the line caused roughly half of my keyboard characters to c9me 9ut 8n s91e b9r5ed fash89n. We got about halfway through the tour, and I was having No Fun, so I was getting ready to log off. Then we got on the Auberdine-Darnassus ship -- just as I saw a message go by on the chat log "high level horde on ship!" Seconds later, Bob was dead, and Bing was a sheep. Another second, and even sheep-Bing was dead. Clearly time to quit. Completed the quest after getting home, with no further incidents.

Spent some time Sunday playing Rumpelstilt. As a high-level Mage, with Portal spells, he could get around the world quite quickly. On the other hand, he had a bunch of quests to do... So he ended up making his first foray into The Badlands -- while followed by a hapless orphan. Kinda fun to be engaged in lots of combat with a little kid cheering you on :-) (The orphan, for whatever reason, never attracts the attention of the monsters.)

Eventually got back on actually finishing off the orphan quest. Rumpel took as his reward "Mr. Wiggles", a cute piglet. He, being the financial wizard (pun intended) that he is, scoffs at a mere five gold. In fact, while at E3, he had a new personal best in the single sale category: Stonebark Gauntlets sold for not quite 185 gold.

Having fed a virtual Orphan some strawberry ice cream, I then proceded, in the real world, to feed my *favorite* orphan some Apple Strudel. Wouldn't want kestrell to feel left out, after all :-)
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Monsters are all orphans themselves, you see, so they never attack any one who claims to be one. The implementors took out the 'claim to be an orphan' skill however, due to protest by the monsters guild.

Now, do you mean 'Orphan' as in a person with no parents, or 'Often, as in frequently?

Monsters are all orphans themselves

Actually, in WoW, this is pretty clearly false. It is fairly common to see what are clearly family groups of monsters (mother and one or more children). Most often in neutral species, but also sometimes in aggressive ones as well.

Well, if that's the exact way text was coming out I'd say it was numlock on the keyboard being turned on... but.... I'm guessing it wasn't that?

It was certainly something related to that, but I don't think that was exactly it.

While I don't require a reward to be kind to a virtual orhan, at least this year we got new non-com pets to play with at the end of the quest chain.

I found your blog by searching for people who attended E3, as I have been wondering what mats are combined with mined gems to craft the socket gems. I am guessing enchant mats?

I have been wondering what mats are combined with mined gems to craft the socket gems.

I don't actually recall looking at that in detail, though your guess seems plausible.

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