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Blood Sports
Bar Harbor
As you may recall, about two weeks ago, I went to Codman Square Health Clinic to get my blood tested for a possible organ donation for my dad. They took two tubes of blood, quickly and efficiently. Last week, I got a call saying that they hadn't actually done the right test. Le sigh.

So this morning, I go back down, and fight my way through several confused staffers until they figure out what to do with me. Which takes an hour and a half. I read the new issue PC Gamer from cover to cover while waiting. They draw *five* tubes of blood this time. Again, I have to say that the actual taking of the blood was quick and efficient -- they have *that* half of the equation down pat at least. I leave for work.

While I'm on the T platform, I get a call on my cell phone. As it turns out, Codman Square *can't* do the right test after all! I just wasted two hours and a pint of my blood.

Will try to make it out to UMass Memorial in Worcester sometime this weekend, for try number three...

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There is only one possible answer.


Strangely enough, just before I left this morning, my wife referred to me "going to see the vampires"...

It's a much more efficient and humane process nowadays. I for one welcome our new vampiric masters.

It won't be really true until they make most women wear floaty diaphanous gowns.

You could always help that out by doing your part.

I've got one! But it's for, er, the privileged few.

"Never attribute to vampires that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

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