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Weekend of Warcraft
Bar Harbor
Spent most of this weekend playing World of Warcraft. My main character, Rumpelstilt the Gnome Mage (on the Llane server), reached Level 40, the first of my characters to hit that milestone. He is now the proud owner of a Blue Mechanostrider. (For those who don't play, this is a sort of robotic ostrich you can ride around on. You can't buy a mount until you reach Level 40, so in addition to being useful for getting around the world, it's a status symbol.)

But I actually didn't spend much time on Rumpel this weekend. *Most* of the weekend, I spent on a long-discussed and now implemented plan: herooftheage and I have started a pair of characters with the goal of only playing them together (Black Dragonflight server). Sort of the WoW equivalent of a buddy movie. The name "Fafhrd" was taken, so we went with naming plan B. I'm playing the Human Paladin Bingcrosby, and he's playing the Human Rogue Bobhope. We've already had one player comment to us "Best names ever!" (from a player who himself was named "Flyingnun" :-). It certainly is more efficient and fun to be able to communicate by voice across the room. And 2 people really is the optimal group size for most adventuring tasks. So the two of us are just around the level 15/16 boundary after our first weekend. Soon, we may see if we can do a dungeon with just the two of us...
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And the movie will be called "The Road to ...?" That sounds like a great plan; do tell us how it turns out.

Actually, that is one of the funny bit. Bing Crosby is a miner, so it is generally better to stay off the road.

"Azeroth" is the name of the world, and I think "The Road to Azeroth" has a nice ring to it.

I almost called you up at work yesterday because I felt the need to fill in the blank on that "name a city" movie title. Tell me you were going to name those characters Bing and Bob before it popped into my mind and out of my mouth this weekend. I keep feeling that I am going to get lured into logging on as "Carmen Miranda." Bad brain, badbadbad.

Sorry, but it's All Your Fault. Not syingthat we might not have thought of it ourselves eventually, but as it happened, you gave us the idea :)

Yeah, my housemates and I got similar joy of same-room team-ups.

Though the various voice servers (skype, teamspeak, etc) make doing that sort of thing not too bad from afar - we have a regular once-a-week team of local friends that always go together, works well.

That is SO cool... very jealous.

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