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A Fan and His Money -- How much is fleecing?
Bar Harbor
I used to be a *huge* Babylon 5 fan. I still consider myself "a fan", though no longer a huge one.

Being a huge fan can get expensive. I haven't even bought all of the B5 DVDs yet, because Warner Brothers charges (IMAO) way too much money for them.

I used to read all of JMS' posts on Usenet, but at some point (six months ago or so?), he changed his email address, and I didn't notice until just recently. In the interim, he has launched a project that I feel extremely ambivalent about. He's publishing books of all of his B5 scripts, with huge amounts of added commentary and behind-the-scenes material. This is stuff that I would *love* to read. But each book (containing about seven episodes) is *forty* dollars. With shipping, buying the whole series of books would run close to *six hundred* dollars. I'd enjoy reading them, but I don't think I'd get six hundred dollars worth of enjoyment!

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(hatches crazy idea to do B5 episodes as radio theatre)

(Deleted comment)
Well, if you ever care to borrow the DVDs, I have the five seasons. No movies or pilot, but the bulk of the show.

A friend of mine has the first script book. I'd say it would probably be worth the investment, but further books might not be.

Right there with you. I'm just hoping they end up in the library someday.

Or $30 if you order early. I admit my guilt: I'm buying a set. But proportionally to my income/expenses, $30 nowadays for the JMS books is similar to $1.25 a volume which I paid for the Blish Star Trek books when I was 14.

Yaas. And while they are expensive, they're also pretty big -- these are not small paperbacks. By the standards of current book prices, they're a bit high, but not wildly out of line.

Of course, I've gotten used to computer books, which are *vastly* more expensive than this -- I can easily pay $40 for a book a quarter the size of one of these script books. In general, price in books is fairly proportional to expected sales -- a niche book is usually considerably more expensive than a mass-market one...

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