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Onion Brilliance
Bar Harbor
New Video Game Designed To Have No Influence On Kids' Behavior

"We're just giving kids what their parents say they need," said Take-Two vice president of marketing Allyson Spicer. "In today's economic environment, it's foolish not to listen to the people who dislike everything about our products."

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Hoo boy.

I did tell you that the version of the system prior to VesselWorld (which you played) was Mover's World (which, thankfully, you didn't) -- in which the players played moving men, tasked with emptying a building of boxes armed only with their strength and a handtruck?

and let me tell you, boy was that "fun" :) but it was better hten studying

Why no, you hadn't. It does sound a bit... unmotivating.

Hee hee!

But soon will come the "Hot Cocoa" mod in which the faces of the boxes present as puzzle-pieces for Playboy Centerfold pictures, which you can then stack together to get the whole picture.

Are you saying playboy models are stacked?

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