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Timeline of an Addiction
Bar Harbor
Saturday, 6:30 PM: Head out to see a play in a car with herooftheage and Meredith. On the way, he talks a lot about World of Warcraft. I say that I am still, so far, "making my saving throw" versus that particular addiction, as I have been for several months now. He says that I don't even need to actually *buy* the game, I could get stated by using his discs. I say "Damn you. That's another -3 to my saving throw."

11:00: Arrive home, have dinner.

Sunday, 12:00 AM: Remember that I have a "14-day free trial" WoW disc that came with a magazine. Fail my saving throw. Start installation process. Installation takes a long time, so I browse some on-line FAQs to try and decide what sort of character I want.

12:30: First installation attempt craps out. But I've been having issues with one of the two DVD drives in my computer lately, so I try installing from the other drive.

1:00: Installation complete. Begin setting up my account. I have to click through a *lot* of different EULAs.

1:30: Game begins downloading the 1.08 patch, and estimates it will take two hours. I go to bed. I sleep fitfully, mostly dreaming about WoW.

4:00 AM: I'm awake. I decide to start playing. Since I'm mostly an explorer on the Bartle scale, I chose an Undead Rogue. Rogues can sneak around lots of places, and Undead don't need to breathe very much, so are good at exploring underwater locations.

7:00 PM: I break for dinner (having reached level 14), then spend an hour with watching some TV. Strangely, despite the less than 3 hours of sleep, I feel really really good. Maybe it's been too long since I got a good concentrated dose of gaming fun like that.

9:00: I should really go to bed now. But I also really want to find the Forgotten Pools west of Ogrrimar. Fail to be sensible.

11:45: Kes comes in to remind me that it's almost midnight. I thank her for her concern, and smooch her for a bit, but I don't actually escape from the computer.

Monday: 3:00 AM: OK, the eyes are finally getting tired. I escape, having played WoW for 21 out of the previous 24 hours. My character is level 16. Bed. Curiously, I don't mostly dream of WoW. I do dream a lot, and sleep well.

10:15 AM: I wake up. Despite having missed almost an entire night's worth of sleep over the weekend, I'm feeling pretty good, and head into work. I think I had better not try and keep up this pace, however...

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Right. Thanks for the warning. That thing is coming nowhere near my machine.

(Deleted comment)
Ok, I have to ask what server are you on?

We've got a bunch of southern region Scadians on Icecrown. I can be found there as Wolffauer (lvl 47 Night Elf Druid). A few of the others have recently started horde characters on the same server.

LightningHoof, one of the newer ones.

One of my best friends at work, the one in the new department I just got hired into, is a big WoW fan...him and his wife. He's got me interested in it, but I am trying to resist being assimilated, both because of the time and because of the money. I'd feel bad if I spent too much time playing it --getting enough sleep is already a problem-- but I'd also feel bad if I was paying the monthly fee and spent too little time playing it. Maybe in a couple of months, when I've had the higher salary for a bit and have settled into my new job.

I'm sorry I missed your party...I couldn't get a car and ended up not wanting to deal with the shuttle bus. Hopefully next time. I'll probably be at the Buttery Thanksgiving, so I'll probably see you then. Hugs!

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