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MirrorMask Friday logistics update
Bar Harbor
MirrorMask is showing at Kendall Square at 7:20. If someone vehicle-enabled could pick kestrell and I up at the T at around 7:00, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, we'll have to leave a lot earlier to be sure of making the walk in time...

EDIT: fixed tag. Also, while browsing the Moviefone on-line ticket site, I see that they have four categories of ticket for sale: General, Child, Senior, and "48 Hour Relief". What the heck is 48 Hour Relief???

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To follow up - I have other plans for Friday. Sorry, I can't be your bus ride.

When I was foot-commuting in the area (back in the mid-90s), it was a 15 minute walk from the MBTA stop to Kendall Square Theater. To save time, cross THROUGH the Marriott lobby, cross the street, and then turn left. Walk straight to 1 Kendall Square, turn right, and walk through the plaza, and through the office building in the back.

Ummm... I'm not sure that actually saves anymore time than cutting through the Kendal food court, out the back, and across the driveways along Galileo (Ames St with pretentions). Going through the food court, at least, gives on the illusion of cutting the hypotenuse, which makes my grandfather happy.

Nerding out... if you look here, you can see that Broadway runs at an angle - forming the hypotenuse. If you cross from Main to Broadway here, it's maybe 100 feet.

If you cut through the Food Court, that takes you out to the courtyard - were you can either follow the driveway/path to Galileo/6th... which is two sides of the triangle and NOT the hypotenuse. Or you can then cut into the parking garage, and wiggle around to Broadway anyway. I used to do that when it was raining, because I could basically stay covered until the corner of Broadway and Galileo/6th Street.

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