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Stata Center secret?
Bar Harbor
So I recently saw (some of) the inside of the Stata Center, the hideous new building on the MIT campus. My first reaction was that they must be keeping an Elder God trapped in the basement. On further thought, however, this seems unlikely, as one usually hears about (relatively) straightforward pentagonal buildings being used for that particular purpose. No, all of this deliberately non-Euclidean geometry probably implies that the building is secretly an embassy or beachhead for the Horrors From Beyond Space-Time. Such an environment probably seems downright home-y to the Many-Angled Ones. And don't tell me that the hanging chain mail tapestries are simply there for decoration...

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Chain mail tapestry? Tell me more! Maybe the THING the in-law-relation gave us for our wedding has spawned... or was spawn. (Here's a picture, in case you've blocked it from your mind: file:///Users/cvirtue/Documents/ )

I see no picture here.

'Tapestry' was probably a poor choice of words. 'Curtain' would be closer. They sort of separated a hallway space from a room space. Emphasis on 'sort of'.

Argh. Somehow those links got changed to my hard drive path. WIll fix. Sorry.

You were in there for a few hours? HA! I worked there for three weeks!

Note to self: watch out for signs of rufinia growing gills.

Not giving them enough credit

Hmm...I personally prefer to think that MIT would be working on constructing an Elder One.


Why, yes, actually, it would seem that, if you construct it, it's not Elder.

But that's only if you're constrained by a linear notion of Time. Clearly, the Elder Ones would not be so limited. So, MIT constructs a Horror That Belongs Beyond Space-Time, it destroys them, consumes all mortals in the Boston area, escapes this bubble of (semi-)Euclidean space we call the universe, and, later, reenters the bubble long ago, before the stars are born.

Obviously, Stata Center must be razed to the ground before the experiment succeeds. (We'll ignore the possibility that the Elder One might already be in there, and destroying the building is what sets it free...)

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