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Not-Dance Movie Night, take 2
Bar Harbor
Concensus is gradually emerging.

A Lion in Winter should be shown some time when Kali is around.

Knightriders should probably get shown either this week or next, while Vis is still at Pennsic. Opinions?

Movie this Wednesday will start no later than 8:30, whatever it turns out to be. Might show a short feature before hand, if there's interest. Probably will try and start earlier (and without a short) if we show Knightriders, since it's 145 minutes.

I'd like to focus on "introductions" rather than "old favorites". If you're going to be there this week, what movies have you often heard of, but never gotten around to seeing?

EDIT: Although the crowd is, by definition, SCA-centric, I don't think that we should restrict ourselves to just SCA-related movies. Certainly last week wasn't!

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My vote is for Knightriders next week, since my ability to show up this week is unknown. :)

Are we looking for introduction movies with a medieval and/or historic flair, or anything goes?

Well, I just saw Knightriders this weekend. But I agree with you that it should be shown when Vis is not around. I believe that Kali will be back next week, yes?

Ummm... are we thinking in SCA-Interest terms or just good movies?

Perhaps make a nicer list for those of us who are too lazy to dig through the 30 comments to the previous post and find all the different proposed movies. ;)

I have, however, seen Ladyhawke and MPHG.

Alright then...

_Name of the Rose_, _Triplettes of Belville_, or maybe a primer on good samurai movies.

Ooh! Triplettes of Belville is definitely high on my must-see list...

So... we're on for tonight, then?

Yes, though I don't know what we'll show...

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