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Forever catching up
Bar Harbor
Mini-Buffy party at Melville Keep. Was fun. Fablous Babes(tm) were present :-)

Friday night, not so fun. Went to sleep at midnight. Woke up at 2 AM. Gave up trying to go back to sleep at 3:30. Played video games until 7 or so, then got a few more hours of sleep.

Played Dark Cloud 2. Is hideously addictive. Probably warrants its own post at length, eventually.

Got together with parents. kestrell begged out, as she was doing mobility stuff at MIT. Got early birthday presents of Casablanca on DVD (with a whole second disc full of extras), and a gift certificate to Outer Limits. Woot! Went home and played more DC2.

Got to work late, due to having stayed up late gaming. Was hit by a wave of productivity strong enough to keep me off LJ all day. Which was actually quite frustrating. Made me feel way too adult. Went home and stayed up late playing DC2 to compensate :-)

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You should try blogging about what you did next week. That'd confuse people.

??? You seem to assume I want to confuse people. That hasn't been the general case for at least two decades...

No, no, I just meant to free you from the hum-drum problem of always being behind in blogging.

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