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Seeking password manager recommendations
Bar Harbor
I have way too many sites I log into on an irregular basis, and really should be using a more diverse set of passwords. I know there are programs that help manage such things, but I don't know much about them. I need either one that works on Android, or one that works online (where the need for trustworthiness is significantly higher), or, ideally, both.

Any specific recommendations? Or recommendations of how to evaluate trustworthiness of a company in general?

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Big, BIG points to LastPass for this. Besides being cross browser/platform, with online account storage, they do everything right from a security perspective. Everything they store is encrypted on your computer, so they can't decrypt it. They encrypt it based on your username and password, but they never even get your password, they get an account token based on hashing and encrypting your username and password together, so there is -no- way they could get your stuff unencrypted, even with a court order. They store a local encrypted cache, so that even if their servers are unreachable you can still access your stuff. They have support for all the buzzwords - multifactor devices, one time keys, etc.

The nice part of all this, besides being an incredibly useful service is that you don't have to trust them, because they tell you everything they do, and you can verify it yourself. And if you trust that math is math, then you can prove that there is no way they can get your data.

I second a recommendation for LastPass

It's awesome. It actually makes logging into over 150 sites in any given week... fun...

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