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Sand Painting as performance art
Bar Harbor
It's not every day that I become aware of an entirely new art form. Well, new to me. The command of techniques and artistry on display here implies that this form has actually been around a while. 'Drawing' in sand, as a real-time performance, creating, changing, and manipulating images on the fly. Check it out. (Sadly for my vision-impaired friends, the appeal here is entirely visual, and not easy to describe.)

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I first saw one of these many years ago, also online, with an Asian gentleman creating animals and stories about them that blended one to another.

It was quite powerful.

That was amazing. Thank you.

Stunning. Amazing quantities of emotion and detail at a speed I wouldn't have thought possible, and with a medium I had no idea was so nuanced.

Also, everyone should do themselves the favor of following the youtube links in the comments of that page.

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