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Outsourcing game development
Bar Harbor
Most industries are drifting to India, but Australia's making a significant bid for grabbing international game development dollars. In our team meeting today, a surprising number of sentences included the phrase "the Australian government is paying for that." Freedom Force vs The Third Reich will be showing at the Australian booth at E3, for example.

Oh, and we're outsourcing a tiny bit of sound work to Bangladesh, but only because the ex-employee who played El Diablo is moving there, and we don't want to recast the role :-)

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It is awfully tempting; especially with the dollar disparity.

Given that the sprog on my back has Australian citizenship through his mother, I'd given some consideration to being outsourced myself.

Other than your group, who else is doing business in Canberra? From my extremely limited experience, that's one of the best places to live in Australia.

I don't actually know who all else is in Australia, but their government is seriously doing their best to increase the number. Tax breaks, grant money, all sorts of goodies.

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