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Boston Drivers and Halloween
Bar Harbor
I long ago observed that an empirical 'rule' that most Boston drivers seem to follow is "Right of Way goes to the entity with the most momentum". An 18-wheeler has the right of way pretty much if it's moving at all. A car normally yields to a van, but not if the van is still trying to get up to speed. Pedestrians win over already-stopped cars, but not moving ones. And so on.

But there are some special cases. On the evening of October 31, the roads are full of entities with small mass, but which are vibrating at extremely high speeds due to sugar rush. Even individually, their momentum is impressive. But they're not individual, they travel in packs, so have to be considered collectively. Days like this make me glad I take public transit; I pass a lot of cars on my way home that are moving slower than my walking speed.

Drive safe!

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You're on to something there with momentum!

I usually term this "Inertia is sacred", and it includes things like people failing to slow down if they can squeeze around cars ahead of them by 'borrowing' other (possibly oncoming) lanes.

I wonder if htat makes the greater Boston area one of the most fuel efficient parts of the country? Or if the erratic driving leads to excess fuel inefficiencies.

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