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Weekend Notes
Bar Harbor
I never got around to another strawberry run on Saturday, instead watched a couple of DVDs with kestrell: Shadows and Fog, and The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. (I'll write more about the movies in a later post.)

mermaidlady came by to pick some in the middle of the first film. When it was over, I poked my head out to check on her. She had gone, but the garden was not empty. A brash squirrel was sitting on top of one of the tomato planters, nibbling away at a large strawberry at high speed! Though perhaps he was not so much 'bold', as 'picking a good vantage point from which to spot approaching predators'.

Saturday evening, I dropped by madamebuttery's place, to give her some strawberries and a DVD. No one was home, so I left them inside the door with a note. This led to a baffled-and-delighted phone call a little later. The strawberries were obvious, but she was curious about the DVD. I explained: At the recent Danny Kaye movie party at The Buttery, she had recommended to me The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. I, in turn, had told Kes about it. Kes had ordered it from Amazon, but had mistakenly ordered two copies. So she decided to give the spare copy away as "an early Buttery Birthday" present :-)

Saturday night, I appear to have come down with some sort of 24-hour bug. Mild afternoon tummy-ache led to *severe* headache, which Ibuprofen made no dent in. Luckily, I have a mind-hack available for such dire extremities. Videogames pretty much entirely remove awareness of my physical condition. (This can be a problem at times, such as forgetting to eat.) Lego Indiana Jones was a workable sedative until I was exhausted enough to sleep despite the headache.

Sunday, the headache was much reduced, but I was still feeling very low-energy. Spent most of the day gaming, and never made it out to the garden. By Sunday night, I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

Woke up this morning from a somewhat new-and-different stress dream. The bit about starting a new semester at college and not knowing what classes I was signed up for is old hat. But this time, I was at a college I had never even seen before, and a religious one at that. I got thoroughly lost, and couldn't even find my way back to my dorm room. When I told Kestrell about this, she tried to claim that these school nightmares are no longer her fault -- but then I revealed that the one person at this college I recognized, was the Dean, Joe Lazarro, who Kes used to jokingly refer to as her nemesis.

This morning, I got a decent haul, but my laxness is clearly going to have aftereffects. I was only able to cover 1/3 of the garden. Phase II was particularly brutal, bringing the rot:ripe ratio up to around 2.5 or 3. Still, that left me with half a quart of good berries for half an hour's work, which is good by any standards. If you're reading this, please feel free to come by and pick! We are now producing *way* more than we can consume.

Oh, and I was reminded of another color-message of strawberries: "I have soaked up a lot of rain recently, so I am not as sweet as you might think."

While waiting for the train to work, I met two chatty goth girls showing off their five-month-old baby boa constrictor. I love living in a city!


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