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Funniest Shakespeare Ever
Bar Harbor
Hey, a non-BioShock post!

Thanks to riba_rambles, the marvelous Michael Anderson meta-Shakespeare piece A Bloody Deed is now available on-line. Everyone I know who has a sense of humor owes it to themselves to spend half an hour watching this. kestrell and I were actually at this performance (you can see the backs of our heads), and bought the (small-run) DVD as soon as we found it was available. I've since shown this sketch off to dozens of people at every opportunity. Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can spread it even further. Enjoy!

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Hi Friends,

I Find Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & Penthouse:

If I find something else I'll inform you.

Best Regards,

Fantastic! I've been wanting to see that for ages, and Richard has long since lost his copy of that DVD.

But if it's not a post about the game, where am I to tell you that I saw the commercial on TV thrice yesterday?

Here will do :-)

What channel(s)?

Mostly Comedy Central, during Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert.

I know for certain I saw it on Comedy Central but I don't remember for certain what other channels it appeared on - we had been watching Channel 14, Channel 5, ABC Family, DIY Network, and the guys beating each other up channel. And VH1.

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